Welcome to Alternative Development and Research Center

Jaipur, India

The Alternative Development and Research Centre (ADRC) is a registered nonprofit trust in Jaipur, Rajasthan province of India.

ADRC aims to promote education, human development and well-being of the deprived particularly those being excluded from the present development model . Community based education and development of slum and street children along with empowerment and skills training of slum women is a priority. ADRC tries to promote inter-cultural understanding, peace and build global solidarity in the spirit of the Sanskrit saying ‘vasudhaiva kutumbakam’ or world is a family.

Research, book writing projects and writing articles on subjects like alternative development and redefining development and social progress, on children’s rights and intercultural understanding and peace, independent media will be undertaken to clarify the issues and suggest alternatives and disseminate knowledge.


– Two schools for education/nutrition for slum children under 22 Godam bridge and Valmiki Basti Jyoti Nagar

– Vocational training for women and girls

– Schools for Slum-Street Children

– Children’s Rights Forum

– Womens Empowerment and Training

– Intercultural Understanding Centre and proposed Intercultural Circle Cafe

– Research, Documentation related to alternative development and children’s rights etc


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