Prahlad Singh Shekhawat 

Writer & Freelance Journalist
MA Development Studies,Institute of Social Studies,The Hague,The Netherlands Studied Creative Writing at the Summer School, Exeter College,University of Oxford

Author of books:
1. Aspects of Human Development and Culture, University Book House, Jaipur in India,2005

2. Human Development, Well-being and Globalization: Rawat Publishers Jaipur in India, 2010

3. Cooperative Dairy Development in India, University Book House, Jaipur in India,2005

4. Literature and Freedom from Independent Media Foundation India 2015, to be republished in an expanded form by Penguin International in UK

Poetry Books:

1. Being, Becoming , Belonging; A book of poetry, Writers Workshop,   Kolkata, 2012                                         

2. Wondering and Wandering: Poems From Dharamshala published by Partridge of Penguin India

3. Some poems included in An Anthology if Indian Poetry in English published by Spring Brook in Canada

  • Prem Kishen Sharma
    President: Peoples Union of Civil Liberties,
    Rajasthan and eminent High Court lawyer, Writer and Director of Law Academy and Barefoot Lawyers
  • Major General Mahavir Singh (Retired) MA in Environment Science
  • Manager : Mr. Nishant Vyas
  • Coordinator :  Mr. Anil Bhatt
  • Teachers : Mrs. Snihlata Sharma, Mrs. Uzma Parviin and Mrs. Uma Devi
  • Teacher and Helper : Mrs. Taranum Naqvi