“Dear Prahlad,

As you know my support is always there. We will find time in the spaces between my other commitments for the good work you are doing.

Warm wishes
Aruna Roy”
MKSS Devdungri, Rajsamand Rajasthan India

Aruna Roy is a leading social activist and winner of Magsasay Award also called the Asian Nobel Prize and a former member of National Advisory Council of the Government of India. She was among the pioneering leaders of the Right to Information and Right to Work Campaigns


I just wanted to thank you once again Prahlad for the wonderful experience that you provided for the young peoppe ( mostly from briken homes including a few ex-drug addicts) that I beought in 2007. Most of them have made dramatic changes to their lives due their volunteering experience with ADC( Alternative Development Centre Jaipur) It was an amazing learning curve for many of them.”

“Thank you once again Prahlad for providing a wonderful exoeriemce to the young people I brought in 2007 ( Mostly from broken homes including a few ex-drug addicts) . Most of them have made dramatic changes to their lives due their volunteering experience with ADC.( Alternative Development Centre). It was an amazing learning curve for many of them.”
Tonia Wilson, Inclusive Youth Manager UK.


“For a project that started recently and with only limited funds at its disposal, the results are impressive. The target group of Dalit or very low caste children belongs to the most deprived of Indian society. Assistance to these children is important in order to give them the possibility of better life circumstances than their parents have. The composition of the group of teachers from different castes and religions is well chosen. The women groups still have to prove themselves but it is good that there is attention to the women’s needs as well. The creation of a ‘Children’s Rights Forum’ and attracting the attention of politicians and press on an event celebrated with the target group is a step forwards in the awareness raising of public opinion.”


Ruud Bronkhorst is a Dutch Socio-Economic Consultant based in the Netherlands and has worked with the Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations in Africa, as well as with the Ministry of Development Cooperation, Government of the Netherlands, where he evaluated project proposals from poor countries


“Three Japanese university students and two professors participated in the 1st Inter-Cultural Understanding program organized by the Alternative Development Centre,(ADC) Jaipur on July 28th through 31st, 2007. We visited 4 slum schools and a women’s college. My students were shocked by the difficult situation of slum children, but the children are learning something very important for their future lives. The Japanese group gained insights into Indian Culture and society at the workshop given by Mr P S Shekhawat.”

Yoshiko Murata, Professor of Inter-cultural Communications at Kansai Gaidai Univesity, Osaka, Japan